Naked at the Marathon, Vol. 1 & 2 (1995-1996)

The Naked Picassos

The Naked Picassos played at the LA Marathon in 1995, 1996, 1998 and 1999...Vocalist Will Clausen did a solo acoustic performance at The 2000 LA Marathon in the pouring rain...these are the surviving tracks from '95 and '96.

"In 1995, our new manager Tanya Kendall got us our first LA Marathon gig...we were huddled in the front entrance of an elementary school in Hollywood, California....I was in the pouring rain while the rest of the band were gathered in a hallway trying to keep the songs together because they couldn't hear a note I was singing...luckily we were more than well rehearsed...the first set was lost to time,...but the city eventually sent their equipment and Sound Man (Randy) who I persuaded to hook up the outgoing signal from the Sound Board into my Yamaha Cassette Deck...thus the recordings you hear of 9 newly remastered live songs with no overdubs...this us exactly the way it was, folks....The line-up in 1995 was Myself (Will Clausen) on Vocals, Tim Miller on Guitar, Eric Melz on Keyboards, Lagi Apostalou on Bass, and Randy Saludes on Drums...this is also the day our first EP(On Cassette) came out" The next year (1996, which makes up the second half of this Album) we were on a street corner in Hollywood near Silver Lake...Eric Melz had just picked up a Mini-Disk recorder which was manned by (Band-Buddy and Bass Player for Smith/Clausen) Tim Patrick...The Picassos's original Bass Player had moved on and Bassist Extraordinaire Micheal Rudy had stepped up to fill the void......well,...most of the set didn't record...we ended up with only 4 complete songs(Joyride,Home,The Overdrive Lane, and If You Let Me) with 2 nearly complete (Walking Amnesia and Amazon Women)...I remember (Eric and I) going to a party afterwards and getting them to play "If You Let Me" over their stereo sounded really is what it is at this point, and I hope you enjoyed a brief insight into behind the scenes of this sit back and enjoy...there are also full recordings of the 1998 and 1999 Marathons,...but those are stories for another time". Will Clausen March 15th 2017.

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